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Welcome to Danvers Youth Lacrosse! 

2020 Season Updates & News

We hope this email finds you well - and finding a way to navigate these unprecedented times. We are doing our very best to react and respond to many moving parts of the disrupted planning of a youth sports season and working hard to make good decisions for everyone. Please remember that we are a Board that are also volunteers and parents of players and that our considerations and judgements come from the very best places in our hearts.


This email will summarize what we know as of TODAY -

knowing also that things are subject to change due to circumstances

completely out of our direct control. Please be patient as things change in real time.



So far - both the seasons of the boys and girls are not canceled. The MBYLL has sent out communication that the boys season has been postponed until April 17th. The MBGLL has decided that the girls season will begin on April 5th. 



This Sunday's (3/15) indoor session is CANCELLED.

The last indoor session scheduled at New England SportsPlex is STILL PLANNED TO HAPPEN on 3/29 depending on the status of things at that point.



This Thursday's (3/19) Season Kick-off at Alcapulco's is POSTPONED until a later date.

We would still like to hold this event but will need to re-schedule and re-organize our efforts. Please stay on the lookout for a reschedule date. 


There will be lots of work happening behind the scenes for season games and practices to be re-hashed and reorganized as well. We will continue to take direction from our governing organizations of MBGLL, MBYLL and US Lacrosse as we adjust to changes daily. We will also be working with Danvers Recreation for continued scheduling and continued access to turf and fields as all of this rescheduling will have far-reaching effects for all youth sports and organizations for everyone in Danvers. All of us will be digging deep for more patience and acceptance. 


Thank you for reaching out to those of you that already have - and thank you,

in advance, for your continued patience and support. 


Danvers Youth Lacrosse Board




Play Catch with DYL and The Boston Cannons on Instagram

Hello, DYL Players and Parents;

We hope this finds you well and having a nice weekend. The weather is nice today  - perfect to get out and play lacrosse! For those of you with an Instagram account who follow The Boston Cannons, you may have noticed they are playing a game of online catch and yesterday they passed to Danvers Youth Lacrosse!!! We are thrilled to have an opportunity to play with The Boston Cannons online and to keep a good game of catch going on the DYL Instagram page!


If you have an Instagram account, be sure to follow Danvers Youth Lacrosse: https://www.instagram.com/danversyouthlacrosse/  . If you do not have an Instagram account, this is a perfect time to set one up and keep your DYL player engaged with following the catch game each day to see who is nominated. If you download the Instagram account to your phone, it is quite easy to create an account then be sure to follow DYL. Also be sure to follow The Boston Cannons to who sent the pass to DYL: https://www.instagram.com/laxcannons/.

We had a player from DYL pass off three balls to three different DYL team members today to get the game started. You will see the video when you visit the DYL Instagram page. If the ball is thrown to you or your DYL player, please shoot a short video (should be easy to do on a smartphone) of them ‘catching’ the ball then ‘passing’ to one DYL player or coach. Once you shoot your video please email or text it to Kirsten Goulet at: or 801-949-6772. Please feel free to email Kirsten with any questions.

We will work to upload videos as soon as possible but may space them out a little if there are too many at one time. Don’t feel rushed  - take your time on your video and have fun!!!

We hope this is a fun activity for the DYL players and coaches as well as a great way to connect and be connect with The Boston Cannons as well.

Thanks in advance and we look forward to a fun game of ‘catch’ on Instagram!!!

Be well, stay healthy and play lax!!!

Danvers Youth Lacrosse

by posted 04/05/2020
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