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Welcome to Danvers Youth Lacrosse! 

2020 Season Update - May 3, 2020

We hope you continue to be safe and well during these unprecedented times and that everyone is able to enjoy a little backyard lacrosse whenever they can.  Our hearts go out to the parents and players in 8th grade, who are missing their final year of youth lacrosse, and to the high school seniors who have waited four years to play this one last lacrosse season with their friends. It is heartbreaking for sure.  We are all missing lacrosse.

Please read this email in its entirety as we have worked hard to clearly lay out our approach, the rationale for decisions to move forward, and the immediate next steps.

The Danvers Youth Lacrosse Board has met this week and has been in contact almost every week since this pandemic began to make final decisions for refunds and or credits for the 2020 spring season. We thank you for your patience while we navigated the cancellation of the 2020 season. As a nonprofit program that relies on a volunteer board of directors, and volunteer coaches, our mission is to ensure our program is not only sustainable for the future but is also empathetic and supportive of our community. 70% of our program expenses are paid before the season begins. Expenses include:

  • team registrations
  • equipment
  • indoor field time
  • web hosting fees
  • storage fees
  • insurance
  • merchant fees

Learning that Danvers Youth Lacrosse will not be reimbursed for any expenses except for a portion of our team registrations and that if we were to fully refund all players, there would be no DYL for the future, the DYL Board voted to offer the following options to our families:

Option 1. Donate your child's 2020 registration fees to ensure and sustain the future of Danvers Youth Lacrosse. If you are able to donate your fees, our program would be grateful.

Indoor practice time is one of our largest expenses. We must have access to indoor spaces due to our town fields not opening until  two weeks into our season. DYL relies heavily on fundraisers that help pay for our program costs such as indoor time, and equipment. More than in likely not happen this year, leaving us with very little money to carry forward for the 2021 season.

Option 2. In lieu of a donation, we are offering the following cash refunds of program fees paid for the 2020 season:

  • 100% refund to our Little Laxers 
  • 100% refund to Grade 8
  • 60% refund to all U9 (Grade 1/2)  U11 (3/4 grade), U13 town and select (5/6 grade), U15 town (7th grade)

‚ÄčPlease know that the refund will be on 60% of what you paid, so if you never paid for your registration, you will not receive a refund, and if you received a sibling discount, you will get 60% of that amount, not 60% of the original registration fee. 

Option 3. In lieu of a donation or a refund, we are offering the following credits of program fees paid for the 2020 season:

  •    100% credit of registration fee paid to be carried over for the 2021 spring lacrosse season

We have some updates on the boy's MBYLL $40 per player insurance fee and the girl's US Lacrosse $30 per player insurance fee. MBYLL is not refunding their player fee. A majority of this fee has already been allocated and this insurance provided by the fee will remain valid for any lacrosse activity through the remainder of the year. MBYLL is still entertaining the hope and idea that they may be able to run summer lacrosse opportunities at NO COST. US Lacrosse plans to make their fee for the girls valid until the end of the season in 2021, therefore extending the coverage. This means the girls will not have to pay this fee in 2021.  Upon registering for next season, the boys fee will still need to be paid for any 2021 registrations. We hope that this brief explanation of the differences may assuage any frustration. Both leagues have sent detailed information to you which should have also helped you to understand these details.  

In order to save on credit card fees we will be issuing credits in the form of checks, we need to collect some information from you to make sure we process everything efficiently. Please click on the required GOOGLE FORM below to let us know your preference (refund, credit or donation) and to give us the proper information to process your request. We request that you submit the form by midnight on Monday, June 1, 2020. If we do not receive a form filled out for you we will automatically credit your fee for the 2021 lacrosse season.  No refunds will be processed unless you fill out this form. 

DYL 2020 Season Registration Cost Intentions

We hope you realize we are doing everything we can to help our program during this time. We also hope to have some good news soon about possible summer and or fall lacrosse opportunities for everyone. 

Please take care, stay safe and be well,

DYL Board


Link to DYL Zoom Call With Boston Cannons Player


Hello, DYL Players and Parents!


Thanks to all players and parents who participated in the Zoom call with Boston Cannons player, Bryce Wasserman yesterday afternoon. Players asked awesome questions and had a great time listening to Bryce discuss different aspects of his lacrosse career.


The Boston Cannons sent a link to the call for those interested in viewing (or reviewing) the call and hearing from Bryce:



Password: 7H^&sD!1 


Click here for bio: https://cannons.majorleaguelacrosse.com/sports/mens-lacrosse/roster/bryce-wasserman/206


Happy Memorial Day! Be sure to get outside and practice your lax skills in the sunshine!

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